The following settings are configurable at a stock level:

  • Reorder Level - This is the inventory quantity at which you want to start reordering with your vendor.
  • Danger Level - This is the inventory quantity at which you are at the risk of running out of stock if you don't receive a new inventory. 
  • MOQ - MOQ stands for minimum order quantity. This is the minimum quantity mandated by the vendor when you are placing the purchase order.
  • Prefered Vendor - This is the vendor that you prefer to place a purchase order with for this particular SKU.

Configuring Reorder level and danger let you receive reports whenever the quantity for a particular SKU goes below the configured level.

To update the settings one by one:

  • Search for the SKU
  • Click on the setting you want to update. For example, if you want to update Reorder Level click on the Reorder Level value.
  • Change the value and click the save button.

To update the setting in bulk:

  • Go to Inventory -> Stock
  • Click on the Stock Settings button
  • Click on the Download Template button to download the template.
  • Open the template in Excel. The template is documented with clear headers and instructions on how to fill the data. 
  • Follow the instructions in the template and start filling in your product from Row 7.
  • Save the template and upload the file 
  • Click on the upload button
  • The file would be processed and the product information you have entered in the file would be used to update the inventory settings in bulk.
  • The result is displayed in the File Status & History section.