This article will teach you how to get started with Flipkart from Easyops.

Connecting Your Account

To connect your Flipkart account click on Sales Channels link on the left side menu and click on Add Channel button. 

Select Flipkart channel from the list and click on the [+] icon.  

Configure Flipkart API Details

Register Flipkart Oauth Application and update the details in Easyops.

Configure Flipkart Settings

Warning! Do not enable Update Stock until you have upload inventory in Easyops and the listing have been mapped correctly.

Flipkart Settings can be configured from Settings Tab. 

  • Fetch Orders: Switch to control automated pull of orders from Flipkart
  • Update Price: Switch to control update of listing prices in Flipkart from Easyops
  • Update Stock: Switch to control update of inventory in Flipkart from Easyops
  • Enable Packing: Switch to control if packaging done in Easyops overrides Flipkart Packed Status. This is applicable only for Enterprise Edition when Packaging Module is enabled.

Configure FA Fulfillment Settings

Configure the FA fulfillment warehouse setting from Flipkart Fulfillment tab. Click on Add Warehouse which opens up a dialog. Enter the warehouse details and click on Save.