This article will teach you how to prepare and schedule a call with the Easyops Onboarding Team.

Merchants who schedule a call get started 4x faster and are 99% more successful with Easyops!

We're serious about your success. Our dedicated Onboarding Team is eager to help you get the most out of your service.

We offer free consultations for all new trials. We highly recommend you take advantage of this service!

How does it work?

At any point during your Free Trial, you can book an appointment with your Onboarding Manager. You request for this from our online chat support system. Ask your Onboarding Manager anything about the software. If you have questions about your setup, they are happy to review it. If you're not sure about your next steps, they're here to help.

What should you do before your call?

1) Begin your setup
2) Connect your sales channels
3) Begin building your product catalog.


Use the Getting Started section of the Help Center as a guide. We can always help you clean up any data issues or mistakes you've made during setup, but it's important for you to begin experiencing the system.