This article will provide you with a brief overview of how Easyops works so you can get up and running quickly and be set up for success.

How Easyops Works

Easyops connects all your sales channels in the front end. Your sales channels could be your store, ecommerce marketplaces or your online store. On the backend Easyops provide the software platform to automate your store operations, warehouse operations, accounting operation seamlessly in one single platform. With integration with 3PL couriers and accounting software, you can seamless move your business data between departments avoiding manual errors and delays.

How to Implement Easyops in your business

  1. Integrate your sales channels
  2. Configure your warehouses
  3. Configure taxes & product master
  4. Link your products to sales channel listing
  5. Centralize your inventory
  6. Streamline order processing
  7. Review and monitor reports