This article will teach you how to link your channel listing for centralized inventory management.

Warning ! The Main SKU you are trying to link should be already added in Easyops Catalog

Watch the video tutorial 


Steps to Link Listing

To Link the Channel SKU to Main SKU click on Sales Channel link on the left side menu and click on any of the channel

After clicking on '' select 'No' under Linked to Product and Filter.  The list of Channel SKU's which are not linked will be filtered and shown below

To link individual SKU, click on 'Link'

Enter the details and click on 'Save'

To link SKU in bulk 

After clicking on '' select 'No' under Linked to Product and Filter. Click on down arrow [↓] and Download

Fill the 'Product SKU' [E Column] with original SKU

Save the file and click on 'Bulk Link Products' and Upload